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Power Dress to Impress at the Ryder Cup

By 25th September 2008November 30th, 2019No Comments

Ordinarily I wouldn’t instantly class the week of the golfing Ryder Cup as a landmark fashion occasion, but this year the European “Gwags” (you’ve got it, the Golfer’s Wives and Girlfriends) have been supporting their respective partners with both polite applause and a range of specially designed outfits. Surprisingly, the Ryder Cup is not only associated with visors, pink polo shirts and tailored trousers, but it is notoriously a sporting competition with a reputation for a venomous rivalry that even extends into the wardrobes of those Gwags. Their attire is allegedly a key component in the psychological manipulation of their opponents. This year the tailor made outfits of the European Gwags were designed by Valerie Bircher and Paul Costello, who took the climate and light conditions of Valhalla, Kentucky into careful consideration to create a range of neutral shades – subtly striking. The ladies were also keen to mix in some key pieces and fluctuate between skirts and trousers, short sleeves and long, so in true Spice Girl style the outfits are supposed to reflect the individualities of each wife or girlfriend…hmmm, wonder which one will be baby…

To tell the truth though, I think this use of fashion has been effective. Seeing a picture of the gathered Gwags frightened me to near death. I’m not sure if it was actually the clothing or their pristine peroxide hair, teeth that any dentist would be proud to put on his client list or the intent visible behind their eyes and pouting lips. In either case, it’s clear that the trend for power dressing is back, and these ladies are testimony to the attitude needed to make it work.