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Promotional Merchandise

By 17th April 20063 Comments

As mentioned in the new year, when writing about the many things Indigo could do, we are rolling out new products and services to our clients. We are now one step closer to getting a promotional merchandise section of the site  live, both Jeremy and Lee, web developers gifted by the gods, are on the case. The production team have also been quietly working with an excellent factory in Hong Kong who can reliably provide excellent quality gifts, in small volumes, in double-quick time.

We’ll carry on keeping you informed of progress but if you have any promo merch needs, contact Alex on 0871 711 2151.


  • Angie says:

    You cant go wrong with giving away promotional gifts like this. Everybody loves free stuff no matter what the stuff is!

  • Promotional Calendars says:

    You always remember companies who send you great gifts. It’s a great way for businesses to advertise their brand all year round!

  • Mike Wood says:

    They are absolutely correct.People like givers,i.e.” it is better to give than to receive”
    Gets you noticed,promoted and remembered for ages if not forever depending on the type,quality and usefulness of the gift.