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The many things we can do

By 2nd January 2006April 11th, 20173 Comments

We can do a lot of things at Indigo but we don’t always do a good job about telling you about we we can do. Why? Sometimes, I think we are too modest, sometimes we are too busy to update the site (clients come first, always) and sometimes we don’t always manage to align ourselves with the client point-of-view.

What happens is someone rings up and says, “Can you guys handle the distribution of our promotional clothing and merchandise?“, or “Can Indigo find us 5000 pink t-shirts with yellow polka-dots?” or “Can you produce a e-commerce store for us to sell our t-shirts through?” or “I also need 10,000 pens, mouse mats and carrier bags to go with my apparel”, etc.. The truth is the answer to all of these questions is “YES” but the site doesn’t always tell you we can do these things. Every good fruit and veg man will tell you you need to display your goods properly, otherwise how does Mrs. Jones know you have some great pears available this week?

Things are going to change. Over the next month we will be creating far more comprehensive pages about our services, especially when it comes to promotional merchandise, design services, sourcing, storage, distribution and marketing/sales support. We have already started by putting a help message at the bottom of the catalogue pages to let you know that we offer hundreds more garments than we display in our main web catalogue.

Of course in the meantime you can always get in touch, so if in doubt, ring or email, you’ll be amazed by what we can help with.


  • lisa otero says:

    Please contact me back. I have a few questions to ask about having tee-shirts printed up. I would be very greatful.

    Ms. Lisa Otero

  • Alex says:


    I have sent you an email, what can we do for you?

  • Leslie Singleton says:

    I am writing on behalf of the Boat Club at St Catherine’s College, Oxford. Our colours have degenerated over the years and we should like to get back to the correct ones which are MAGENTA & FRENCH GREY. “What” we buy is secondary to your being able to produce these colours but to give you an idea I am talking a number of crews who will be rowing (at least) in next year’s bumping racges at Oxford. You seem most likely to be able to produce these colours. The French Grey (background) is easy enough being just a very pale grey with a hint of blue and indeed Magenta SHOULD be simple because it is literally one of the three primary colours–but you’d be surprised (or maybe not). Any and all comments welcome. Thx