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Provocative Ads

By 14th May 2007November 30th, 2019No Comments

AA id

Want to see what the overtly sex-oriented marketing campaigns look like that are coming out of American Apparel’s (AA) pink, California, offices at the moment? Well AA ever growing website has them online, sorted chronologically:

According to MediaPost’s Marketing Daily (April 20, 2007) who list AA as 8th in their “Most Trusted 15 brands named by the trendsetters“:

Most of the companies cited by the respondents stress simplicity, says Brickley, who notes that many of their favourite companies, from giants such as Apple to smaller newcomers like Method, are known for keeping things as stripped-down and unadorned as possible – not just in terms of the product’s visual appearance but also in the way they organize their offerings. “Apple’s computers and iPods are so clean and simple and easy to use,” remarked one trendsetter. “No excess.”

Well, when it comes to AA, things are certainly ‘stripped-down‘!