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Shirt a Day

By 23rd April 2007One Comment

A new t-shirt site called Shirt A Day have been in touch to let us know about them and what they are up to. Their USP is that they sell a different shirt every day, and for only one day. Most shirts start at only $13 – 15 (US) and what makes them unique is that as more shirts are sold, the shirt price drops (I mean we all know that shirt printing works on economies of scale).

After the day is complete they calculate a refund price and then within 24 hours that refund amount is issued to all customers. It’s not a credit, but a direct refund to their credit card or account. One shirt went as low as $8.08. They are off to a pretty strong start but are always looking for more customers, because the more people that buy, the cheaper it becomes for everyone.

Shirt A Day also share their profits with users if they submit designs and that design is chosen and are always looking for organizations that would like to partner with them for a fundraiser. Cool features include the ability to pick your own shirt colour and they now also sell baby dolls and sweatshirts. Mike from Shirt A Day tells us shirts typically ship out within 4 business days and they charge actual shipping costs.

One Comment