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Stedman Classic Offer

By 17th October 2006No Comments
Screengrab form Indigo homepage
As the screen grab from our homepage above shows, we have some ground-breaking offers for Winter and the Stedman t-shirt is one of the key products we are keen to promote. The Steadman Classic t-shirt is growing on us and is fast becoming our favourite promotional weight t-shirt. We have blogged it before but we are taking things a step further by making it our cheapest t-shirt, with pricing starting from £1.50 for 100+ pcs. If you are interested in 500+ we can come up with far more competitive pricing and offer sub-£1 pricing for volume orders (1000’s).

The Stedman t-shirt gets our vote for its quality to weight ratio; normally shirts of this weight don’t feel nice, this one does. Secondly, the stock levels are good, with distribution for large quantities being handled via the Hanes centre in Germany.

Interested? Call us on 0800 061 2207 or email