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T-Shirt Treasure Hunt

By 27th December 2006May 25th, 20172 Comments

Being the season for games, the German company, Spreadshirt, have put on a worldwide t-shirt treasure hunt. There is even a shirt lurking in Cambridge, UK. If you find a shirt you are expected to replace it with one of your own to keep the fun going. To be honest though, it is probably best to be first to a location otherwise you may end up with the skanky shirt someone was given free at a the ‘Ball Bearing Manufacturers International Expo 1987′ rather than the sexy designer t-shirt that was the starting prize!

One question though? Is this a genuine attempt to have some fun or a shameless ‘viral’ marketing ploy from a company desperate to look cool and hip by using Flickr maps? I’m undecided.


  • Jay@duds says:

    What a great idea! It must’ve been a hard task to organize but if they manage to pull it off then 10 points to them 🙂 They need to get out there and advertise it a bit more!

  • Ms. Earthtonez says:

    Not to rain on anybody’s parade but isn’t this the same idea as I think the t-shirt hunt thing is not yet activated also. Did they give up?