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T-Shirts in tubes

By 20th March 2008April 11th, 20172 Comments

Tokyo Times - T-Shirts

Matt recently returned from his travels in Australia and Japan and he popped into the office to show show us a ‘t-shirt-in-a tube’ he bought from a fancy t-shirt vending machine store in Tokyo. The shop is a concept store by well know brand UNIQLO UT and as a retail idea, it is pretty fun. The Japanese do seem to have an obsession with vending machines but I reckon this idea would also go down well in a trendy store in the West End of London.

Whilst Indigo don’t sell t-shirts in tubes or vending machines you can check out the range of tees we can customise in our t-shirt catalogue!


  • Bryan says:

    That is a pretty nifty idea. You’re right, though, they do have a fascination with vending machines over there.

  • Matt says:

    I should clarify and say the t-shirts aren’t dispensed from vending machines. The t-shirts are just in tubes on the shelves.

    The store was huge at three levels, with one whole level dedicated to t-shirts in every single Pantone colour.