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Only Tell Your Very Best Friends

By 2nd September 2016No Comments

So this was a slogan I read recently whilst visiting a plush beach club in the sunny Balearics, and one I can completely relate to! When you find a gem of  a place sometimes you want to scream about it but other times its best to relax and enjoy without everyone knowing! With this in mind I almost didn’t write this post, but I really think I do need to share! Being a lover of all things design, I found a unique and awesome website this week.  is a collection of independent artist’s prints, offered on a range of merchandise from duvet covers to rugs. The designs are beyond beautiful and trump any regular bits you see on the high street, but the best bit, they are affordable, and each artist is paid for every purchase! I literally cannot conceal this any longer! Well done to the guys at Society 6! What a fantastic idea….. *adds to cart*