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Rowing Kit

By 4th January 2006May 25th, 2017No Comments

My own experiences from novice rowing at University of Bristol through New Norfolk Rowing Club in Tasmania and Thames RC up to international level I can safely say that everyone in rowing loves customised kit. There is nothing like getting new kit especially when it is from a crew or club with a bit of clout, be it club or uni 1st boat or just a crew that you are really proud of. I love all the t-shirts I have from my first year of rowing and still train in them now, good kit is a great investment and I always regret the hoodies/t shirts I didn’t buy rather than any I did. If you need anymore persuading then here are some other reasons why club kit is one of the best things about rowing:

  • Easily identifying your fellow team members at large or small races, even if they are trying to lose you.
  • People regarding you with an element of awe as to your ability to represent a well respected club (regardless if you are just the water boy/dogsbody/third assistant coach, they don’t know that).
  • Having a visual reminder of your rowing career allowing you to reminisce over the time you rowed in the crew which never won, never lost, or never made the start line.
  • Great opportunities to chat up or be chatted up by members of the opposite sex, something along the lines of “Oh you row for – insert club name gleaned from customised kit here – I raced them 2 years ago, is so-and-so still rowing there” and then regaling them with tales of great defeats snatched from the jaws of victory. (PS try this out at your own risk)

If you are put in charge of sorting out your club or crew’s kit for the season then at Indigo we do understand the thankless and dull chore it can be and we are in a position to help you. Any kit requirements you have we will do our utmost to fulfil and at the most reasonable prices. We can offer any off water kit you could want, all the essentials to keep warm and dry in the endless hanging around on the river bank that is involved in rowing. If you wish to purchase technical kit, i.e. lycra/unisuits or coolmax/tech tops of the Godfrey, JL or Powerhouse variety for your club then we will happily source these from other companies. As long as you are ordering other kit from ourselves, we will include technical kit in your order with no extra mark up completing your entire club kit in one order, with the minimum amount of fuss and bother, leaving you only having to collect money and come up with witty slogans, of which there are so many in rowing.

If you are stuck as to any ideas here are the top five Indigo products for rowers:

  • Performance Outdoor Jacket – great for wearing off water at head races and getting to and from training
  • Low Profile Heavy Cotton Drill Cap – giving you that professional smart look in photos with the added bonus of hiding your grimaces of pain.
  • Long sleeve Heavyweight T-shirts – ideal for layering over tech tops to keep warm.
  • Fitted T-shirts for both men and women – cheaper than tech tops and ideal for rowing in.
  • Boarder Hoodie – a great hoodie and nothing else!

All the above items like all Indigos products can be customised either by embroidery or printing to make exclusive club or crew kit.