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Upcoming Winter Fashion Trends

By 10th October 2014May 25th, 2017No Comments

When it comes to fashion trends in the winter months, there’s only one thing you can know for sure: you’re going to need warmer clothes! As far as which clothes you’ll see on top fashionistas and fashion gurus this winter, British Vogue and Elle UK offer some great tips.


Chanel designers are favouring thick, sturdy frock coats and matching skirts and short leggings this winter. Unfettered tweed hems frequent the collection, combining classic Dickensian fabrics with modern skirt lengths. The heavy material does these winter wearables justice, while still leaving the legs free to breathe in some fresh air. As for modern nylon parkas, both pastels and bright colours are in fashion.


Dresses for the 2014/2015 winter season are headed for a floral trend. Not just your average floral, mind you – but finely detailed flowered dresses with embroidery in all the right places. Heavy flowered patterns aren’t on the table just for dresses, but for separate tops and skirts as well. Don’t try to match the patterns to one another – go for a complementary colour scheme instead.


Woollen knits will be your best friend this winter season, since the temperatures are likely to be lower than last winter. Thick, chunky jumpers have been parading down the catwalks in earthy tones. Many feature block patterns instead of the more intricate patterns of this season’s thinner dresses and skirts, so you’ll have to be thoughtful when it comes to layering.


Ankle height seems to be the dominant footwear trend of the upcoming autumn and winter seasons. From vibrant high-gloss leather ankle boots to sparkling pink heeled boots, colour and intensity are featured on feet all over the UK. We’re talking chunky shoes, too. Wondering about indoor footwear? Take note: In some cases it’s expected that you wear thick woollen socks with those open-toed, chunky, wooden strappy shoes. Designers are really outdoing themselves this season when it comes to covering up those cold toes!

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