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Indigo screen printed the above design, “TV is Evil,” along with another design, called “Corporation Domination,” for new organic t-shirt company, Waneye-Tedd.

Their site,, tells you more about the brand:

Waneye Tedd is a one eyed ted, using his one eye to see the world around us, and focus on the details.

The designs are responses to the world around us, sometimes on issues that effect great numbers, to enable people to ask themselves questions, to enhance their lives and make it better for others. Other designs are more focused in view, a small capture of life to bring around with you, to tempt you to see your life and surroundings in such detail as well.

The designs are printed on organic mens jersey t-shirts, by Continental Clothing. London and Turkey based, Continental is one of Indigo’s key suppliers of organic and fashionable promotional clothing and have taken great leaps over the past 12 months to become a completely ethical supplier.

Indigo wish David, and all the team at Waneye-Tedd, the best of luck with their new brand!