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Welcome to Autumn

By 17th October 2010April 11th, 2017No Comments

Bonjour mon friends, what’s the haps?

As you can probably tell by now the autumn season is upon us, in full swing. Those days when I wrote to you about feeling so hot that I could melt, totally unable to cool my jets in the New York heatwave, seem so distant now, as I write to you from a comfortably cool Ireland, reveling in the season that I love the most. And yes, that is largely due to the cosy clothes, layers and wrappings which are perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged and thought stylish, in these cooler months. This makes me happy. I like to wrap up because it feels almost like you never leave bed. There’s something superbly comforting about scarves and knitted jumpers.

Images of autumnal beauty can be seen everywhere during this time of year. You might be familiar with scenes like this colourful leaf strewn lane….

or maybe a delicious pumpkin pie?

I have to admit the pie does look tasty, but to me images of autumn beauty come from the new fall collections. Prepare for the slideshow.

This year, the eye-catchers are……..


the little black dress is in style every season

worn looking jeans with brown moccasins

satchels and floaty blouses


cable knits and print

J. Crew…..

tights, dresses and (fake) fur

not forgetting the boys……

wrap n' roll

or Daniel Craig

the question is, could James Bond pull it off?

In Autumn everything about the world is at its best. Wrap up and enjoy the change.