Indigo Clothing

You Don’t Need a Hood to be in the Hood

Heard of S.I.T.H? It could stand for many things:

Sizzling In The Heat….
or Super Igloo: Tremendous Home…
or Screaming Invisible Trampoliner Hurt.

But (fortunately) what it actually signifies is: Star In The Hood.

London’s Tinchy Stryder is not just a pretty face/rapping rapper/musical melody maker who likes to flash around with his S.I.T.H clothes shimmering, he is in fact the very fashion master behind this brand. Created a couple of years ago, Tinchy says: “RESPECT” and “I wear it every single day”. After listening to Tinchy’s touching lyrics, I have been inspired by ‘the hood’ way of life and have decided to make it my quest to become a Tinchy disciple. So far so good, I’ve been congratulated on the authenticity of my walk, shades and rhymes, now all I need is some cutting edge stizzle [style]. Where better to stizzle myself up that with some bone fide Tinchy wear, modeled by the man himself. Since it’s chilly I’ve decided to go for the sweatshirt, a soft, fleecy lining sounds so appealing for when I’m snuggled at home with a cup of tea….oh I mean, I need to keep warm-izzle when I’m out on the streets all night in a freestyle rap-off. There are many designs to choose from. The neon green on black is attractive, but since I’m aiming to be more of a ‘baller’, I think I’ll bling it up with the diamante, black-filled, grey-marl sweatshirt. No expense spared.

Serious Stizzle

Despite my steely exterior (you need it in the hood), I have to admit that this gangsta’ is really quite the softie. So when selecting some Christmas presents for my homies, I’m planning on splashing my baller cash on an ‘I Got Soul’ Tinchy-esque tee, because 100% of the profits go to War Child, an international charity that protects children who live in the most dangerous war zones of the world. Yeah Tinchy, that’s right – “Respect”.

When you're in the hood, you're allowed to be grammatically incorrect