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Merry Christmas

It is time to go home, turn off the lights, pick up all the bottles of wine and ‘Quality Street’ and juggle them on the train whilst dodging all the little kids that have come into work with ‘Daddy’ in the City, an old tradition around here. Just a quick reminder, we’ll be running a […]

Pip’s Birthday T-Shirts

Pip, of Unearth Travel (and blog) and resident of the Indigo office is having a birthday party tonight in some smart London suburb and Indigo are providing t-shirts as one of the free goodies for the guests. Iain Hollingshead, author and recent winner of the Bad Sex in Fiction Award with Twentysomething: The Quarter-Life Crisis […]

Planning a trip?

Good morning! Chilly but fresh which means very nice weather for cycling don’t you think? Unless you have been to the office you will not have seen the extended Indigo family. Of course, the Indigo girls are famous, but sharing the office are the Unearth boys: Pip, Rob and Jeremy who are working on a […]

Autumn in London

It’s not too bad to say, with it being almost the end of October, that we are only just packing up the short skirts, sandals and the rest of our summer wardrobes. The weather certainly seems to have changed this week, and shops even seem to be selling those winter coats that mysteriously appear on […]

New Office for Indigo

The blog has been quite for the last few weeks as we have been in the process of moving offices. At this moment Dave and John, East-End locksmiths, are adding a five-lever mortice to our suite on the 8th Floor of Bucklersbury House, in the City of London, handily located near the Bank of England […]

The City of London

“If you want to make money, work in the City” My good friend and colleague, Alan Chance (Creative Director at Allison Mitchell) said this to me when I first started work in London. Walking around ‘the Square Mile’ as the City is often known, is an eye-opening experience. Money seems to ooze from the cracks […]

Blitz Mentality

The London terrorist attack of July 7th has resulted in a nervous anxiety cloacking the City and our business is now conducted to the soundtrack of sirens and the backdrop of hi-visibility jackets. Quite a swing in mood from the euphoria of London being awarded the Olympics the day before to the shock that Dickie […]