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Planning a trip?

By 7th November 20062 Comments

Good morning!

Chilly but fresh which means very nice weather for cycling don’t you think?

Unless you have been to the office you will not have seen the extended Indigo family. Of course, the Indigo girls are famous, but sharing the office are the Unearth boys: Pip, Rob and Jeremy who are working on a new, very snazzy order management system for Indigo as well as their own project Unearth Travel.

This is a fully editable travel site that already, for some areas of the world, has the most freely available travel information on the web! As well as this there is our unique itinerary builder that lets you plan any length trip.

The site is at have a look at let us know what you think…as well as diving straight in and adding more content, to keep as at the top!

The three of us finished our MEng and MA degrees and realised that a normal job was not for us…so the obvious thing to do rather than going on the dole was to start our own company. We hope that you like what you see, but all suggestions are welcomed.

On a different note, does anyone have any thoughts on the best place to lock bicycles near Bucklersbury House and Cannon Street? Legal and General have a cage that looks fairly secure, but were rather insistent that non-employees should stay away!

[This article was written by Pip Bennett of Unearth Travel]


  • Liz McGrath says:


    I really like the site – it’s very smart and easy to navigate! The itinerary function is fantastic, and hugely important as travellers increasingly want to organise trips that deviate from the standard itineraries often suggested. Excellent maps and photographs and enticing write ups (South America is especially informative!). Mali and Colombia will have lots of new photographs very soon! Well done! X

  • Rob Jeremy Pip says:

    Thank you very much for the praise, we really appreciate it! We very much look forward to your photos being added.