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Go Shorty

Speaking on behalf of the shorter creme-de-la-creme of the population, it’s time to be short and be proud. Well, maybe I’m not quite speaking about height, but in the fashion stakes this summer being short is big news. A couple of summers ago wearing a pair of shorts would have been a no-go, it was […]

Time to say goodbye? Recycle your Jeans with Howies

A pair of amazing jeans are the things dreams are made of. They are often your best friends; there aren’t many things in life you can rely on, utterly and completely, every single day. They’re comfortable, hug in the right places, skim over problem areas, have good pocket positioning and a well functioning fly. I’m […]

Say no to junk mail

My pet hate at the moment is scrapping the pizza delivery flyers out of our mailbox. Hackney (a London borough) households receive approximately 35 million pieces of unwanted mail each year, which weighs 900 tonnes and takes 6,000 trees to create. They produce a pack (pictured) which can help cutting it down including stickers and […]