Go Shorty

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Speaking on behalf of the shorter creme-de-la-creme of the population, it’s time to be short and be proud. Well, maybe I’m not quite speaking about height, but in the fashion stakes this summer being short is big news. A couple of summers ago wearing a pair of shorts would have been a no-go, it was the denim skirt all the way, but in 2009 shorts are back and they’re shorter than ever. Denim is still the fabric, faded is the colour and folded over is the hem. Shorts are beautiful for a number of reasons, most importantly you can get out of a car without worrying that you’ll flash your underpants at passers by, AND you can do cartwheels in grassy summer fields with the same freedom. When you’re wearing shorts a spectrum of normally undignified physical activities become permissible. Go on….do a forward-roll. Urban Outfitters have a range of Renewal denims available. The Renewal brand is UO’s vintage label which earthily recycles vintage pieces by collaborating them with unique added details such as trims and buttons. These shorty shorts are recycled from Levis 501s. A classic denim staple that will prevent any outfit fail, and at £28 they shouldn’t break the bank either. Enjoy your freedom.

Be short. Be Proud

Be short. Be Proud

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