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Lessons Learned From Watching Pretty in Pink

By 12th December 2010No Comments

Woman in shop windowFrom the moment actress Molly Ringwald walked out the door wearing a handmade ensemble in the movie Pretty in Pink, we were intrigued.  How does one of the least popular girls in the school catch the eye of the dreamy Blane McDonough?   If it wasn’t her knowledge of “white hot” pop singers that grabbed his attention, it had to be her impeccable talent revamping recycled duds.  Who would have known that a borrowed prom dress and a pair of pinking shears could make a girl feel so darn powerful?

Do-It-Yourself is a lot cooler than it used to be.  In fact, the crafting revolution is in full force these days.  TV shows like Project Runway make you want to design and sew clothes. Hip crafters turned entrepreneurs like Jenny Hart make you want to embroider everything you can get your hands on.  And Molly, she paved the way.  She reconstructed clothes like a professional.  Well, at least her character, Andie, did.

Aside from the boy meet girl from the wrong side of the tracks storyline that John Hughes is famous for, there is a lot to learn about fashion in this flick from 1986.  Here are a few lessons from the movie that are worth thinking about:

  • Talent and a high sense of fashion will get you everywhere in life. Knowing how to work a sewing machine like a pro can get you out of every sticky situation you find yourself getting into.  Molly maintained her cool despite being picked on for her eclectic wardrobe.
  • If you don’t have something to wear, why not make it yourself? There is no sense in missing out on all the important events in your life because you have nothing new to wear.  Pull out your vintage button collection, some needle and thread, and get busy embellishing that old sweater.  In a matter of minutes, you’ll have something incredible to put on.
  • No matter how far out you might think you may be, there is always someone else a little stranger and more eccentric. Molly’s fictional record store boss wore a beehive in one scene and a rockin’ Mohawk in the next.  People that tend to march to the beat of a different drummer are drawn to one another.
  • Secondhand stores serve as inspiration for DIY Divas. There are plenty of salvageable goods at your local secondhand or thrift store.  Spend a few hours in one and see what kind of outfit you can put together for under $5.  Andie was a pro at being a savvy shopper.

Although nearly 25 years have passed since Pretty in Pink was released, it remains a favorite amongst creative gals worldwide.  Although more love story than fashion tutorial, there is a lot it can teach you about making the most out of what you got.  If Andie could do it, you can, too!  Just grab a pair of scissors and start redesigning your old jean skirt.  You’ll be surprised at how many new things you can make once you let your imagination run wild.