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Say no to junk mail

By 5th March 20082 Comments

Junk Mail

My pet hate at the moment is scrapping the pizza delivery flyers out of our mailbox. Hackney (a London borough) households receive approximately 35 million pieces of unwanted mail each year, which weighs 900 tonnes and takes 6,000 trees to create. They produce a pack (pictured) which can help cutting it down including stickers and advice. Signing onto the Mail Preference Service (MPS) also is a good start. The pack is free (Hackney residents call 020 8356 6688) and most councils across the UK have an equivalent.


  • Ella says:

    My friend does something quite fun with his junk mail. He stuffs a whole bunch of it into one of those “no postage necessary” envelopes they send you to use to order their junk. The company that sent you the junk with the envelope has to pay the postage on that package of fliers and crap.

  • Alex says:

    The leaflet arrived today, addressed to “In The Go” Clothing!