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10/15 from Hanes

By 8th January 2007April 11th, 20172 Comments

“10/15” is a new concept from US manufacturer Hanes and, despite the silly name (IMHO), is actually a very good idea. It stands for 10 colours / 15 styles, and was developed based on market research and views from leading distributors. 10 colours / 15 styles answers the increasing need to find the perfect colour match for different male and female casual wear styles. According the the PR blurb:

By matching the 15 most popular styles in the 10 most wanted colours (sunflower yellow, orange, red, brown, khaki, royal blue, navy, sky blue, and of course black and white), 10 colours / 15 styles adds clarity, simplicity and assurance, and presents itself as the fast-and-easy key that unlocks long-awaited possibilities.

The ‘key’ metaphor may be going a bit far but if you need a sweat, a t-shirt and a polo in the same colour or a perfect colour match for him and her, then this concept could be just the answer. We are busy uploading the new 2007 range onto the promotional catalogue and when it is up you’ll be able to see the full “10/15” Hanes range. In the mean time you can see it on the supplemental catalogue which is driven from our supplier database.