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A Little Squeeze of Mustard with your T-Shirt?

By 29th September 2008July 12th, 2018No Comments

It’s a bit like marmite…some love it, some hate it, but either way, mustard is a must right now. Best worn in squiggly lines on a hot dog….oops no, that’s a different kind of mustard. Quite unlike the Djon variety, the mustard that should be gracing your wardrobe these days is that beautiful– not brown, not quite yellow – mid-tone of the colour spectrum. A shade which may resemble your Great Aunt’s old curtains. The most stylish (and foolproof) way to pull off mustard is to make it glamorous and wear it in the form of a sheer material. Think along the lines of shiny mustard. This skirt by Heaven and Earth will help you to perfect the look.

Shiny mustard perfected

If you fancy something a bit more laid back then try a simple mustard t-shirt. Sweet and short like a shot of pinstriped mustard this shirt from American Apparel is mustardy enough to make your eyes water.

He looks happy wearing mustard

I’d be inclined to advise you to apply your mustard liberally to muted shades like black, grey and cream to avoid sauce related disasters such as mustard with tomato ketchup…. But if you do prefer to keep your mustard limited to culinary dishes such as the hot dog then I’ve found just the t-shirt for you from Drift; it’s got a lovely liberal squeeze and looks good enough to eat, that’s if you feel comfortable eating things that dance and wear top hats.

Hot Dog Man