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What does your Heavy Metal T-Shirt say about you?

By 28th September 2008May 25th, 20172 Comments

Heavy metal is back; perhaps more in grey now than black, but back none the less. As committed fans dust off their records and tweak their air guitar strings, hopefully in private, they will also be ensuring that they have a printed tee to show off their chosen denomination of rock. The heavy metal t-shirt has recently been an almost archaic vintage relic of past years of rebellion, something that trendy teens wear even though they don’t really know the difference between Iron Maiden and The Wicker Man starring Christopher Lee; Meatloaf, or an edible loaf of seasoned meats usually served with peas.

Now it’s not about diluted vintage, instead it’s time to bring out the big guns with some bona-fide heavy metal appreciation. My guidelines would be the scarier the t-shirt looks, the better. Flame engulfed scenes and rearing horses are all good, as are lightening bolts and skulls. Ideally, I think you’d want to remain faithful to just one band of your choice and make sure that you have their name in a prime viewing position on your shirt. This will prevent people from thinking you are only trying to be fashionable and don’t actually know anything about heavy metal. However, it’s equally acceptable to have some fright-inducing statement like “Rock and Roll ain’t Noise Pollution” if you really can’t decide which band to support.

Iron Maiden 'Death on the Road'

Iron Maiden "Death on the Road"

AC/DC Slogan Shirt

AC/DC Slogan Shirt

The beauty of the heavy metal t-shirt is that it reveals hidden shards and depths of one’s character. Often the most unlikely candidates strip down to their tees and in doing so shockingly expose a hidden past life, one that we could never have imagined, even in our wildest dreams. Yes, the patterned cardigan of Grandad could conceal something sinister lurking beneath, don’t let that cream and tan knit fool you, he could be a heavy metal monster.
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