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Bicycle Rider

By 30th June 2011May 25th, 2017No Comments

(Photo: A Linus Bike)

This morning I’m going for a bike ride. To the post office. To post a postcard with Prince William, Kate Middleton and a Union Jack on it to my friend in Germany. I’ll be dragging my pride and joy, with its squeaky front wheel, broken bell (ssssh, I don’t think that’s allowed), twice repaired brakes, replaced pedal, and wonky handlebars (this would be a good time to wish me a safe journey) out of the garage for my first ride of the summer. But before this momentous event happens, I had a chance to find some dreamy cyclewear that’s best shared with friends. Let’s become bike nerds together!

First up, it had to be a tee. This organic t-shirt available from CICLE details all the benefits of riding a bike. They don’t make these for buses. My favourite benefits have to be that it ‘feels like flying’, and ‘gives you legs of steel’ – however, ‘quiet as a mouse’ in the case of my permasqueek bike, might be up for debate.

Beneficial Biking

The next one is lady specific. How cute are these pants? They’re stretchy, tear proof, dirt just brushes off them, there’s no need to roll up the old right leg, and best of all they’re stylish – so there’s no need to bring a pant change to your destination. Three cheers for Outlier.

London’s famous vintage cyclists Bobbins Bicycles have developed a helmet that is not only functional but super fun. The Mr. Ben bowler hat helmet will protect your little head from dangerous falls, but proves that safety can be stylish. There’s no excuses for not wearing a helmet now. Messing up your hair absolutely doesn’t count.

Happy Riding!