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Magnums & Swimming

By 20th May 2011August 3rd, 2018No Comments

We’re just days away from June, just days, and the second J-beginning month of the year means one thing to me: it’s officially summer. To jump straight into summer without pausing to see if the sun will shine, let’s think about swimwear. This summer I will be tanning my mozzerella skin in the tropics of Manchester and Dublin, with a possible scorching weekend visit to a friend in Luxembourg with it’s many famous beaches, that’s right isn’t is? The pretty coastal country? So what better way to get in the mood than by drooling over lucious bikinis and all-in-one swimming costumes that I can neither use nor afford? Maybe eating some ice-cream? On the list for afterwards. One of my favourite summer smells is the lycra, sea-salty scent of the bikini, drip drying in the bath and you can tell that these summer-licious swimwear pieces from Anthropologie will not only look a million euros, but they will smell oh. so. summery.

Anthropologie’s 2011 summer collection reminds me of a Haagen Daaz advert, or that luxorious *crack* noise when a model goddess bites into a Magnum. You know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’ll agree that this swimwear range would look great accessorized with a double-choc magnum, and maybe a glass of Sangria, go on, it’s summer – treat yourself!

This 1950s style swim suit would be perfect for those who aren’t fond of itsy-bitsy. With a halter-tie and polka dots its classy, stylish and with a splash of red-lipstick and a pair of cut off denim shorts – there’s not even any real need to go swimming.

Next up (again for the swimsuit lovers) is this modern and utterly sophisticated creation. The colour palette is clean and timeless. Wear with a floppy straw hat, factor 20 sunscreen & a classic summer read.

For those of us who are bikini ready, this combo from Anthropolgie’s vast mix-and-match range is stunning. The black top is beautifully tailored (can you say I bikini is tailored? really?) with a curving shape and ruffle details, and the bottoms add a summery splash of colour and print. I’d wear this with classic brown gladiator sandals and this pair of Ray-Bans.

But until that day I will sit here with my ice-cream and watch workout videos from the 90s. Happy swimming!