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Colours for Autumn/Winter 2005

By 6th October 2005One Comment

Winter Colours 2005

For the fashion conscious amongst you that need to keep up with this seasons new colours, Fashion-Era have the latest list of what’s hot, and what’s not, this Autumn:

Autumn 2005 – Winter 2006 colour palette includes :-

  • purple, aubergine, navy, midnight blue, hyacinth, ultra violet…
  • teal blue, peacock, turquoise, duck egg, azure …
  • rose raspberry red to rich ruby wine, cranberry, scarlet, rich coral red…
  • red oxide through to ginger to burnt orange, caramel, copper, mustard yellow…

Purple often on the verge of navy is featured by many main stores. UK outlets of Phase Eight have gorgeous purple velvet and enamel shoes and you can find other similar items at Debenhams’ Designers. Fendi have taken purple right through from Shearling to purple watch bands. Even Tesco’s Florence and Fred range have velvet jackets in purple. Midnight blue and midnight black evening dresses make red carpet statements.

Interesting to see purple/blue is in – hold on isn’t that ‘Indigo’?! Nice to see our brand name is the height of fashion!

One Comment