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Oxfords Street

By 18th April 2010April 11th, 2017No Comments

Don’t be fooled by the sudden shift to sunshine. It’s April remember the….drip, drip, drop little april showers. A sure fire way to encourage the rain to return happens when Brits slip into their flip-flops before April is out. It might well be warm, your feet might be dying to smell the air, you might have seen the most perfect pair of summer sandals, but don’t do it. Not yet. Good things come to those who wait.

In the meantime, while we tread the precarious path between spring and summer, why not wear something effortlessly classic? In keeping with the trend of summer prep, tie yourself in knots with a pair of ever so fashionable oxfords. This classic style of shoe oozes continental charm. The oxfords can be sported by aging bearded professor and sprightly young professional alike. Most attractively however, they make a beautiful, soft “pat pat” noise on the ground, which is far more appealing that the harsh “flip flop” sound. Despite their refined charisma, oxfords don’t have to be conservative. In this pair of ‘Striped Huipile Jazzie’ oxfords by Osborn Shoes, there’s a hint of summer combined with the laces of higher education.


If you’re looking for a pair of lace ups that say, ‘prep’ without saying ‘I tried consciously to achieve this effect’ you might find your perfect match after a ten minute browse on the Zuriick Collection website. Sometimes I have dreams about their shoes. This pair of ‘Shug Low Black Leather’ style oxfords look like they were made for schmoozing. You can almost feel the softy softness of the leather, and you can rest assured that in a few months these guys will have molded around the contours of your feet. It’s amazing how a picture can speak a thousand words.

soft soft soft

Though the oxfords come in many shapes, sizes, styles and textures, nothing beats simple and classic, right? For a pair of traditional oxfords with spring wearability these New York shoe specialists, with an equally special name, have lovingly made a pair of oxfords which boast no special effects, apart from simple style and magnetic charm. The ‘Chelsea Crew “Holland” Tan’ have spring written (invisibly) all over them.

Simple. Classic.