Every t-shirt tells a tale

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All my friends love the name Keith. It’s one of those names that you never quite know how to spell properly, which gives it a bit of mystique, and at the moment it seems to be experiencing a retro renewal in popularity. I can’t tell you how excited I get when I meet new Keiths. A Keith I recently met is ‘Keith the Quiet’, a little fellow designed by Linty Fresh. Keith the Quiet is the perfect summer character because he loves ice-cream and comes in a yellow and white print on a bright blue t-shirt, just like the sky. This Keith is also a literary character, being the star of his very own poem composed by the Linty Fresh folks. His tale is a quaint one: being so quiet all Keith does is stay at home eating an ice-cream cone. It’s a short and pretty uneventful life really, but isn’t it special when your tee has a meaning? And when you buy this shirt you’ll get a printed collectors card so that you can read the whole poem whenever you like. Keith the Quiet is so shy that he’d probably never ask you to wear him, but he sure wants you to.

Sssssssh, it's Keith the Quiet

Sssssssh, it's Keith the Quiet

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