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Halloween doesn’t have to be scary!

By 28th October 2011May 25th, 2017No Comments

The week of Halloween spells the transformation of Frank into Frankenstein’s monster, Derek becoming Dracula, Vera, a Vampire, and Percy going Pumpkin. For one night only everyone tries their best to look as frightening as possible. As I’m not a fan of the seriously scary…even the thought of sitting through The Silence of the Lambs makes me want to reach for my Daddy’s hand and a hide behind a cushion, this Halloween, armed with a bag of cotton wool and some over-the-ear hooks, I will be attending a party in the guise of a giant beard. Scared? You would be.

Especially if you saw that I’ll be accessorising with a bubble-blowing pipe…magical. It is going to be a lot of effort creating this masterpiece of a costume, and it will be the pioneer of it’s kind (no beard before it has even been so large.) But if this Halloween you just can’t be bothered dressing up, or you don’t feel like scaring people too much (I like you) then get your hands on a t-shirt from Put on your sweetest pout and prove that you’re simply “too cute for costumes”. Let’s make this Halloween about friendliness, not fiendishness, sorry Percy that Pumpkin’ll just have to wait till next year.

Though I guess this shirt could be scary. Just depends on who's wearing it

Maybe this shirt could be scary. Depends on who's wearing it