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Hot Water Shirts

By 19th January 2009No Comments

At the moment my daily dreams are about those spring/summer days when you can just walk outside in a t-shirt with bare arms and not feel the chill…hubba hubba. But sadly reality strikes: the ground outside is thick with snow and I live in a flat in Scotland that doesn’t have central heating. Instead of the naked armed t-shirt, the hot water bottle has become my best friend. I hunch over it 24-7 and dream up new inventions and modifications for my warm watery friend. Maybe a gigantic hot water bottle that I could recline on, or a hot water bottle suit that fits as a snug warm water shell around your body? Though wearing the t-shirt on its own might be a few months away, it’s still possible to give my bottle-shaped best friend a t-shirt treat from 101 T-Shirts.

Not only do these HWB (that’s slang) t-shirts take the burn off and allow instant access to perfect warmth, they also give your HWB a bit of a personality. Feeling hot hot hot? How about a Marilyn Monroe HWB shirt? Or have you always envisaged your HWB as a bit of a perma-tanned American lifeguard? Get your HWB into a David Hasselhoff t-shirt! I can almost feel that Californian sun. And if that doesn’t take your fancy maybe Elvis would be the perfect fit over your bottle, or Mr. T, who will definitely put your HWB in its place with a ‘Shut up fool, & keep me warm’ slogan. Just because you can’t wear a t-shirt, it doesn’t mean your HWB can’t.

With Mr.T on board your HWB won't go cold

With Mr.T on board your HWB won't go cold