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Obama Dares to Bare

By 22nd January 2009November 30th, 2019One Comment

20th January 2009, the day of President Obama’s inauguration. A day of history, a day of prestige, a day foregrounded by snap-shots of Obama holidaying in Hawaii…in his bathing trunks. Seeing someone famous minus most of their clothes always seems to spark media attention, and having a good gawp at toned Barack’s bod has only increased his popularity. Wearing a pair of long swim shorts, it seems that we now feel confident America is in capable hands. With a carefully managed image, Obama and his trunks do not disappoint, though I have to admit, I would have felt differently if he’d been snapped wearing Speedos. The big question at the moment is clearly: what should a Presidential pair of trunks say? This question prompted American newspaper, the Huffington Post, to compile a slideshow of shirtless holidaying Presidents for public inspection. Though colourful Bill Clinton’s 1993 green and purple (??) trunks are quite the eye catcher, and Ronald Reagan’s high-waisted whiteys cut a tastefully modest short, I have to say that Obama is looking like the high flier in the swim-pant stakes.

Combined with a toned physique, he’s evidently done more crunches that our very own (and very unlikely to ever be seen in a pair of swimming trunks) Gordon Brown, whose crunches have been altogether more credit related.  Though Californian Governor, and general muscle machine, Arnold Schwarzenegger may have made some light hearted jibes that Obama needs to work on his ‘skinny legs’ with some squats, the new President’s holiday trunk snaps show off that in the minimal clothing fashion stakes, Obama’s navy swim shorts were definitely worth your vote.

Nice to see a President in shorts that aren't too short

Nice to see a President in shorts that aren't too short

One Comment

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