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How to be the Hostess with the Mostess

There’ll be mistletoe hanging around, you’ve got to look your best.

It’s party season, and though Nigella Lawson might be able to effortlessly carry off hosting a beautiful, candlelit, parmesan shaved party, it’s all a big fakie really. She has a TV crew to help out, is really good at rustling up a feast, and has the time to prepare in advance, luxuries many of us must live without. I always like to be the hostess with the slightly harsh streak. ‘Come to my party! It’s going to be amazing, and I can’t wait to see you! But bring your favourite drinks and food and music, and if you don’t, then….don’t come! See you then!’ It minimises the work front and leaves maximum time for home decoration and self-beautification. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your guest’s comfort to be truly fabulous.

The truly fabulous hostess has a jaw-dropping little Christmas number. Some of this season’s finest include the golden snowflake dress from Brit designers Dahlia. These ladies know how to craft a dress into Christmas bling at its finest. That said, I feel like I want to accessorise it with roller-skates for some reason. Perhaps some from here. Totally unique look.


If you’re a bit wobbly on the old roller skates, you might prefer to opt for a more understated glamour ooze. This dress from Reiss says: ‘She just threw me on, and I fit in all the right places. Look’ That’s just the kind of personality I look for in a dress. In pale pink and black, this will make you the hostess with a shprinkling of well positioned shparkle.

Not a Roller Skate in Sight

If you’re a man host, then wearing the perfect dress may not be so high on your agenda. But depending on your your guest list, you might still be out to impress. Why not try to pull it out of the bag in this B Store Buffalo Polka Shirt. The black on white is like an inverted snowstorm, radical yet also Christmassy. And I’ll tell you a secret…a contrast collar always makes the girls flock. Sssssshhh.

Dot to Dot

Most importantly, you must be on time for your own party. Always ensure that you’ve left a few extra minutes to slick some gel through your locks, construct an architecturally sublime gingerbread house, and slice some lemons. A party isn’t a party without sliced lemons. To keep you on time click this Firetrap White Alpha Watch around your wrist. Inkeeping with the wintery snow theme, white watches are what all the trendiest people have put on the top of their Christmas lists.

Snowy White Watches

Remember, you don’t have to be Nigella to host the perfect party. Few slices of lemon, optional roller skates, the Pogues in the background, maybe some paper chains if you’ve got the time, and get the guests to do the rest.