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HungerBirds Are Go

By 8th December 2008July 12th, 2018No Comments

Remember that present you always wanted but never got in your childhood days of Christmas? That one gift you’d waited for all year long. You’d scribbled it down on the list, then folded it in half, sealed it with a kiss and sent it up the chimney to Lapland, but come Christmas morning and a living room full of wrapping paper carnage, Santa hadn’t delivered. I remember the feeling well. It was a Christmas many many years ago, a tree, a bundle of presents. The expectation of joy. The anticipation of tearing off the wrapping paper from a square shaped gift to find ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ in all its shining glory, ready to be played with all day long. But Santa didn’t pull through for me. I don’t know if it was because of the snowy conditions that there’d been some trouble with delivery? Was it because I hadn’t left out enough mince pies for the red-suited one? Or was it because I’d been bad (what? definitely not that one). Well, it’s been a good 20 years since then and I’m still waiting. But maybe this year Santa will pull through and grant my childhood Christmas wishes with this t-shirt. This year I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this shirt to be wrapped up under that tree, and maybe the matching hoodie, you know Santa it is chilly on these winter nights.

It's all you ever wanted for Christmas

Go on Santa, make my day

Maybe it wasn’t Hungry Hungry Hippos that you missed out on. It could have been the Thunderbirds Tracey Island that you’d had your heart set on, and all you ended up with was a flimsy Blue Peter rip-off. Well this year thanks to this t-shirt from Vacant Clothing, Thunderbirds are most definitely go.
Let International Rescue come to the rescue

Let International Rescue come to the rescue