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Cheers BigEars

By 9th December 2008April 11th, 2017One Comment

We don’t talk about it that often in polite conversation…or if we do, it’s often not really considered to be very polite, but it’s happened to everyone at one time or another. Even people who you really wouldn’t expect it of…the Queen for example probably struggles with this though you’d never know. Well, here goes I’m going to raise the topic and admit that some days in winter when I get home my ears burn because of the drastic change in temperature, and even worse…they’ll go bright red. Wow, it feels good to be so open. They may not be your conventional topic of conversation, but the ears seem to be very neglected body parts, and they have it worse in winter. Sticking out on either side of your face they battle against blasts of icy air. In addition to trying to fulfil their function of channelling sound, they are forced to try to keep warm with what I expect is a limited blood supply. Thank goodness for hats, and thank goodness especially for hats with extra ears. You might not be able hear so much through them but you’ll look super cute, oh yes you will. In this hat by Peter Jensen your ears could be black or beige, but they definitely won’t be red even if it’s really cold. And no you couldn’t get a hat like this at Disney.

No earache for you

No earache for you

One Comment