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I want Lanvin not diamonds: H&M

By 23rd November 20102 Comments

I want Lanvin not Diamonds H&M5am alarm – not my usual wakeup for the 9-5.30 indigo office day! But this was a special morning – Lanvin @ H&M launch! I considered lying in, scanning my blackberry facebook news feed for my sister’s travel updates from the other side of the world, when lovestyle dubai popped up – claiming the collection had sold out in 20 minutes! That was it – out of bed and on the tube… in the darkness!

H&M QueueI was surprised when I arrived that there were only about 50 people in front of me, and was chuffed I got a wrist band for the first two sets allowed in the ‘pen’! 2 hours of queuing in the cold had paid off! The queue started to build up about 8am and was round the corner before the doors opened. I spotted a guy with a pillow and sheet who had clearly slept there, later spotting him at the till with a 1.5k receipt in his hand! What he wanted with all those dresses I don’t know! well I do… ebay! One of the canvas shoppers is currently on with 21 bids and at £25.00 (£2.50 in store!) and the £149 tutu frock is currently available as a buy it now, for £300!!!

I could cash in on these beauties, but they are far too precious and I don’t get up that early for anything but beautiful dresses! And not just one beautiful dress but three, one t-shirt, earrings and a lippy!