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Imaginary Christmas

By 22nd December 2010April 12th, 2017No Comments

Christmas does feel like an imaginary kinda time, so I thought it only appropriate that the season should be marked, not just with hairy silver tinsel, twinkly lights and too much Cliff Richard, but also with an imaginary outfit. I am drooling over this one, more than ever. I’m not sure how glamorous Christmas is where, and if, you celebrate it – it’s not so glam in my ‘hood, but I think there is a little bit more attention paid to clothes and general tidiness.

Picturing a Christmas Day watching Queenie’s speech in this outfit? I am. These Vivienne Westward shoes are unreal, b.e.a.u.t.i.e.s, and while they may not be great if the snow is still hanging around…who cares? Get someone to carry you to the turkey. I’m sure Viv would agree with me. The sparkly sweater dress is ideal for combining cosy and sparkle, which is exactly how Christmas should be celebrated. On a side note, it has intentionally been sourced for its non-clingy qualities, so you can squeeze in that extra mince pie with cream.

A horsey handbag will be perfect to carry around a stack of Christmas cards and festive treats, and a quick whip of Benefit lip shine will stand you in fine stead for any sneaky-under-the-mistletoe-wink-wink, I won’t spell it out. Your Christmas outfit wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful and delicate knot ring by Bario-Neal jewelry design. My finger would suit it too well, far too well. And finally, ensure you are the Queen of the dinner table with a high-quality crown, none of this paper-cracker riff-raff darling.

As always, click HERE for more details on the clothes.

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