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Imaginary New Year’s Eve for Homme

By 29th December 2010April 11th, 2017No Comments

Someone I refer (worringly) a lot to over the festive period once sang these words. All together now:

When I was young my father said
“Son I have something to say”
And what he told me I’ll never forget
Until my dyin’ day.
He said “Son you are a bachelor boy
And that’s the way to stay.
Son, you be a bachelor boy until your dyin’ day

Yes, it’s Cliff the Richard again. The staple of the British Christmas. Anyway, to get back to the matter in hand – this song is the inspiration behind the latest and last imaginary outfit of this year. Oh don’t be sad, just wait to see some of the New Years treats I have lined up my sleeves. We might not have any money come Jan, but what the heck? We can still dream.

So this what New Year’s Eve looks like if you, a la Cliff, are a bachelor boy. Make a nod, say hello and welcome in your new outfit. For this creation I myself had to imagine that I was a bachelor boy, and I have to say it was an interesting imaginary exercise. In my head I was a successful bacho, living the life and having a laid-back New Year’s bash. Like my alias bachelor, let’s call him Kev instead of Kate, it’s clean, it’s polished, it’s relaxed. Kev says “Yeah it’s December, yeah it’s nearly January, yeah it’s still a little bit snowy and in the minus figures, but let’s have a barbie in the back garden, drink beer, pretend it’s summer and then have a rap-off”. With a pair of straight-leg dark-denim man-jeans from Topman the basis of your outfit its sketched. Add a bright blue, and quite probably “awesome” tee from Goodie Two Sleeves, damn fine canvas shoes by Supremebeing, and top it all off with a grey zip-hood (remember the way to wear these at the moment for ultimate trendy-wendyness is to keep it unzipped and just tie up the hood laces). A squirt of manly fragrance and a whopper of a watch-face to measure the minutes until the midnight hour will make you the lasting image of 2010. Isn’t Kev the king? Sometimes I wish I really was Kev, the ultimate batchelor boy; how I would strut in those shoes, and mould my hair into magical shapes. But then suddenly I remember heels designed by Vivienne Westward, Chanel’s new mink shade nail varnish, and the joy of wearing twirly dresses, and poof, once more I am thankful to be woman.

I hope you make the exit from 2010 a wonderful event, whatever you might have planned. For myself it will involve lots of sitting around a big table eating food, drinking beverages and going ‘chink-chink’ with friends, and maybe even the occasional popping of a party-popper. Listening to this song on repeat all night will be essential, you’d think it would date – but it remains a classique. I’ll miss the way twenty-ten rolls off the tongue, but here’s to twenty-‘leven.

Click HERE for the outfit in all its fullness.