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Imaginary Outfit: Lunch with the Parentals

By 20th November 2010April 15th, 2020One Comment

Lunch with the Parentals

You haven’t seen your parents for months, but they’ve come over for a visit. You’re meeting for lunch, and you have to show Mum that you’re washing behind your ears, and Dad that you’ve inherited his innate sense of style.

So here’s the perfect outfit for lunch with the folks: Arrive wrapped up in a stylish black jacket from French Connection, with an over-sized watch around your wrist – good timekeeping is something your parents taught you. They’ll be proud when you’re early. You avoid jeans because you know they look scruffy in the eyes of your well-turned-out mother.

Instead, this pair of coffee coloured chino slacks by Dr Denim combine comfort and class. Your shoes from Camper are on the cusp of a trainer, but a little bit smarter. And of course, you have to have your wallet with you…I mean you can’t expect your parents to pay for your grub all the time can you? Well, you can at least offer.

Though if you do have this Ralph Lauren wallet they’ll probably let you pay. Most importantly perhaps is the vintage belt from Diesel, you don’t want your classy chinos falling down in the city’s finest restaurant now, do you.

One Comment