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Imaginary Outfits: an Introduction

By 13th November 2010No Comments

Imagination: The power or capacity to form internal images or ideas of objects and situations not actually present to the senses, including remembered objects and situations, and those constructed by mentally combining or projecting images of previously experienced qualities, objects, and situations.

I’d like to introduce you to something my imagination has been working on recently, just for you: the imaginary outfit. I have been busily imagining scenarios that you might find yourself in and the perfect imaginary outfits for said imaginary occasions. Oh, and I’ve also been imagining the amount of money in your bank account. Yes, it is all very imaginary, but I hope you enjoy….

Here are your instructions for maximum enjoyment:
1. Look at the image
2. Close your eyes and lets your imaginings wander
3. Click on the link that says “HERE” which will direct you to my ‘interactive set’
4. From here you can find out where all the items are from if you hover over the things that you like, and you can see links to the websites where I found them if you’re keen for a purchase.
5. Create your own sets and share them with me! Go on.

So, here goes. Numero Uno. The first one is for the ladies.
This imaginary outfit is for your ‘November Walk in the Park’

November Walk in the Park


Doesn’t it make you want to fill that handsome little flask with coffee, slip your hands into a lovely pair of fair-trade red-rose mittens and pound the pathways of your nearest park?