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Let’s Just Spray it on

By 27th October 2010April 11th, 2017No Comments

We’re all familiar with the daily routine of spraying. From deodorant to hairspray, perfume (or is that more of a squirt?) to the handy febreze febreze. If your name is Banksy then there’ s a whole lot more spraying going on in daily life. I have to admit, having a sweeping spray is something satisfying, and this must have been the thinking behind a brand new fabric-technology, spray-on t-shirt phenomenon. It is the clothing in a can that gives maximum muscle fit, they call it Fabrican.

spray on - peel off

This new innovation in getting dressed is something that could change our lives. Imagine the future, wake up, stretch, a quick spritz and you’re fully clothed and ready to go. With Fabrican there’s no need to hang up your tee, just spray on a new one. And in the nature of recyclable fashion, if you get bored of your can-fresh tee, just dissolve it and use the material to spray on a new one.

Fabrican is the invention of Spanish designer Dr Manel Torres who was looking to create something “Futuristic, seamless and comfortable”. The spray-on tee is certainly seamless, but comfortable? Really? Standing semi-nakey, wearing protective goggles and having a scientist type spray cold-liquid fabric onto le bod is not my idea of morning comfort.

You can see a video of the spraying process here…but tell me, does the sprayee look comfortable? Here’s an idea…how about filling your bath with the liquid material, going for a dip and coming out fully clothed combined with the luxury of a relaxing soak? Dr Torres, you can thank me later.

Though I have to admit, this couture spray creation does blow the mind