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Stay On Your Feet T-Shirt

By 6th April 2011May 25th, 20172 Comments

The economy is in a rut. We’ve just had the coldest winter on record. And Cadbury’s Dairy Milk has two less squares.


Cometh the man. Cometh the moment. Ray ‘STAY ON YOUR FEET’  Wilkins. Last night in the Champions League was billed as the night of big clashes ‘Bale vs. Ronaldo’, ‘Harry vs. Jose’, ‘Big Club History vs. New Kids on the Block’.

Forget them.

There was only one clash that really mattered. ‘Wilkins vs. the Catchphrase’. It doesn’t matter that Spurs lost 4-0, nor that Aaron Lennon was feeling a bit iffy before kick-off. What mattered was that Wilkins would say ‘STAY ON YOUR FEET’ just one more time. And boy did he oblige. It didn’t matter if it was a pass 30 yards from goal, or a steward doing the hokey pokey backwards along the sideline. Just STAY ON YOUR FEET.

Only one problem.

Crouch didn’t have his Sky commentary earpiece in. Crouchy. You’ve brought us so many advances in the field of robotronic celebrations and equatorial spanning bicycle kicks. But this time we only needed you to do one thing. Hit it Wilko:


Don’t worry though, at the request of Vernon Kay and those behind the third biggest trending topic on Twitter worldwide yesterday (#stayonyourfeet), we at Indigo are coming forward with our ‘Stay on Your Feet’ t-shirt and hoodie range. Maybe the ref could wear one for Crouch. As for Ray, we really like what you have done with this. Keep up the good work, but really you only need to remember one thing don’t you?

Go get your Stay on Your Feet T-Shirt to, ahem, stand up for what you believe in.





  • joel bags says:

    ‘STAY ON YOUR FEET’ is everywhere at the moment.
    Enough already. One comment and it is on t shirts, mugs, the backs of dogs, everywhere.

  • Good luck to them they’ve got a viral bug going and if they can make more money in the current financial situation then good lick to them. All the best “STAY ON YOUR FEET”