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Kling: Spain do more than Flamenco

Over the summer months herds of British sun-seekers typically flock to bathe under Spanish skies, where warm weather and sunshine is usually a little more stable than it is over here. Spain might be an ideal sun spot, but thanks to outfitters like Kling, it’s becoming a fashion hot spot too. You’re going to love their clothes, I can tell. Kling are adept at merging colours and shapes. Here you can find clothes that stand out from the crowd; from t-shirts with billowy arms to retro sun dresses, there seems to be something for every taste.

Summer's Here!

Even though it is summer, it’s worth having a gander at the autumn and winter collections too, not just because it’s good to plan ahead, but because their seasonal collections have amazing titles such as ‘Spring 09: I love mornings’ and ‘Winter 08: The Coquette’. Kling offer more than just clothing because they help you to style your look too. They offer weekly deals where you can buy the Total Look, and if you don’t know just how to wear your new Kling clothing, all you need to do is drop an email to Emma the stylist who will ‘work out your look’. Keeping things simple but stylish, there’s also a section of the website where ordinary folks, like you and me, can send in our pictures and become international supermodels (don’t laugh). So if your holidaying in Spain this summer, make sure you seek some shade in a Kling store – oh and take some extra spending money too.

Red and spotty has never looked so good