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La Fraise: Stylish t-shirts from France

By 5th March 2006April 11th, 2017No Comments

La Fraise is a French t-shirt site that has been on our radar for a long time. In fact we carry a little link to it at the bottom of most our pages mainly because we think their produce cool t-shirt designs. The charismatic owner Patrice has a Boss’s Blog on the site which is superb for polishing your French and getting a insight into this t-shirt web shop phenomenon.

The business model is similar to that of Threadless in Chicago, USA but there is a enough to set this site apart form being a mere European copy – and, for all I know, La Fraise may have been around first.

The choice of American Apparel t-shirts is a good one, especially for their softness and colour range, however I personally find their t-shirts a little thin, maybe because Patrice is in the south of France and we’re in the UK. Indigo offers American Apparel t-shirts, should our customers want them, but normally for this kind of project we recommend London based Continental Clothing as the labelling system is far superior, with the neck label being a simple black tab with just the size, whilst the brand and wash care label are on silk cut-single tabs on the inner left-hand-side seam. This makes sewing-in your own brand label easier (as not cut-and-sew is needed).

I strongly suggest checking them out as well as Loic Le Meur’s post on the company.