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Let them eat shoes

By 14th February 2009April 11th, 2017No Comments

Only 216 years after her death, Marie Antoinette has become a style icon. Though it ended in a conviction of treason and the guillotine, her life of sumptuous excess and frivolity is something we’d all like to see a bit more of during the doom and gloom of recession. Looking good enough to eat, these Marie Antoinette inspired stilettos by French designer Christian Louboutin show that today’s designers aren’t afraid to take their muses from the grave. Categorised under ‘Total Madness’ on his website, Louboutin’s shoes are pure indulgence, especially with a price tag of £3,975. But hey, Marie A wouldn’t have batted an eyelid at a splashing out on them! And with only 36 pairs being made, you’ll have to be aristocracy to get your hands on a pair.

Silk covered, peep-toed and covered in embroidered flowers and lacing, they’re available in three colours, from a relatively subdued pink to a very bright yellow. With the ankle straps boasting their very own replica of Antoinette’s pompadour wig, history is immortalised in these heels. So if you’re desperate to spend all your savings on some pure indulgence it might just be worth while – they each come with a limited edition number and a specially created box – but Kirsten Dunst won’t be splashing her cash on a pair of these. Hollywood’s Marie Antoinette, is getting a pair for free…off with her feet.

If you're feeling really flashy you could wear a different colour on each foot

If you're feeling really flashy you could wear a different colour on each foot