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Red Nose Tees by Stella McCartney

By 11th February 2009April 11th, 20175 Comments

On March 13th 2009 there are going to be a lot of Brits wandering about with uncommonly red, not to mention round, noses. Add to this the likelihood that these red nosers will probably be doing something ridiculous like wearing fancy dress to work, having their legs waxed in public (particularly if they’re male), and there’s always a token character who decides to take a bath in baked beans.

Yes, it’s almost Comic Relief/Red Nose Day, where we embrace the inner fool, lose all dignity, but in the process raise money for a very worthy cause – fighting abject poverty and injustice across Africa and the UK. This year there are three trademark red noses to chose from: ‘This one, That one and The other one’, but as well as sporting your chosen nose, Stella McCartney has designed an altogether more stylish range of red nose chari-tee-shirts.

Modelled by the likes of Keira Knightley and Gwyneth Paltrow, these t-shirts are an easy and fun way to support Comic Relief without sitting in a tub of bean juice. Working with the 2009 Red Nose slogan ‘Do Something Funny for Money’, Stella’s shirts put red noses on iconic celebrities such as Morcambe and Wise, The Beatles and even Madonna all in the name of fun. Not only do these t-shirts combine charity and style, they have been manufactured in Africa, are 100% fairtrade, and at only £9.99, they’re nice and affordable too. So pop down to TK-Maxx or the online Red Nose Day shop, and do chic fancy dress in a Comic Relief tee.

The specs are optional

The specs are optional