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Pop Ya Collar: with a Polo Shirt

By 8th October 2008April 10th, 20173 Comments

Long before Sue Barker started presenting Wimbledon, “Tennis whites” were popular sports wear. However, these long sleeved, button-up, flannel shirts proved to be a bit problematic for the physical demands of the sporting world. Fortunately for Roger Federer and Andy Roddick, the French tennis champion Monsieur Rene Lacoste created a new style of tennis shirt in 1926, designed for sporting comfort and practicality. He finished off his ‘polos’ with a little green alligator logo to acknowledge the nickname given to him by the American Press. Rene did a pretty good job; Chemise Lacoste has rocketed to fashion fame, and the Polo shirt is a t-shirt style that remains very popular. You don’t need to be a sporting great to wear this style, though you could lean against a token golf club if you’d like. In the fashion world the polo shirt is set out to be a style that’s flattering, versatile and comfortable…now that’s something rare. One way to wear the polo is to invest in a classic creation by Stockholm designer J. Lindeberg that can be dressed up or down. While you could keep your polo simple and stylish another option is to tastefully customised your tee with print or colour. Layer it, button it, unbutton it, put the collar up, collar down, and then top it off with a stylish tailored jacket or blazer, and if you’re not too worn out after all that then maybe actually play tennis in it?

Is that real grass?

Is that real grass?