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London Calling

By 6th August 2009April 11th, 2017No Comments


I am Five. We’ll in truth I have aged a bit since then, though the frequency with which I have to whip out the old proof of age would beg to differ, as would the checkout people who have in the past checked that I’m old enough to buy Baileys ice-cream. I can say with pleasure that afterwards they were slightly embarrassed at checking. Looking young is clearly something to treasure, though I worry that one of these days I’ll wake up and all my ageing will have happened overnight and I’ll all of a sudden be hobbling around with a stick and booking myself in for a face lift.

I am Five isn’t quite a statement of age, it’s a t-shirt design label based in London town. I doubt that they’re grappling with the same age-appearance incompatibility related issues as me because they’re so busy making fantastical t-shirts. The first line from their brand spanking new online store is all about London fun. With a clean website, and equally clean design techniques they present a series of nods to London past, present, regal and fictional. You might like to wear Sherlock Holmes‘ profile, a t-shirt interpretation of the British Post-Box or three letters than mean so much: ‘LDN’. I like it.

"ER" Royal Majesty

"ER" Royal Majesty