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Reading this is definitely in your best interests thanks to Loops & Pluto

By 22nd November 2008August 3rd, 201814 Comments

Loops and Pluto sounds like it could be an outer-space roller coaster, but that would be wrong because it’s actually an indie fashion retailer…and they’ve got a treat for you, but you’ll just have to wait a bit before I let you know what it is. Patience is a virtue. With a huge array of quirky t-shirts there’s something to tempt everyone at Loops and Pluto, and their t-shirts aren’t your average, though there are a few wholesome favourites there.

The store is handily categorized into sections which list “New T-shirts” and “Popular T-shirts”, but with some scouring you can also find many hidden gems. These shirts will get you noticed, especially when they glow in the dark like this one, no need to scrabble for the torch in a power cut. And if you’re about to meet up with a friend who you haven’t seen in a long time then the striking “Yes, It’s Really Me” shirt is an indispensable item.

One of my favourites is the “Beer Pong” t-shirt. In America I was treated to participation in this party game on more than one occasion. The idea being that you combine skill (aiming a ping-pong ball) with drinking cups of beer. The more balls you successfully plop into your opponent’s cups at the other end of the table, the more they have to drink. I didn’t really understand the game’s concept at first, as you can get quite thirsty if you have a good aim, but those Yalies know what they’re talking about I suppose, and all the cups do get supped in the end believe it or not. The charm of Beer Pong is that it’s not a drinking game; it’s a drinking sport. So if you are a Beer Pong champ use this shirt to show off your athleticism.

Seeing a man wearing the word "Pong" is such a rare sight

Seeing a man wearing the word "Pong" is such a rare sight

So, what’s so special about reading this? Well Loops and Pluto have brought out a new coupon code especially for the followers of this blog. Yes, that’s you!  The product they’re extending the coupon code for is the “Green Is the New Black” shirt, and all you have to do is note down the code at the end of this post and go shopping! With Loops and Pluto’s “Swell clothing for Swell people” you’ll be swell in this shirt, and no that doesn’t mean that you’ll grow larger, it means you’ll look cool.

This could be you

You can purchase the T-Shirt here

And your magical coupon code is: NEWBLACK


  • Shelora says:

    I ordered my T-shirt on March 15 and it is now April 20 I have not got a shirt or a responce back from customer service, Im really upset They took money of my credit card, the lease they can do is e-mail you back,I understand if some of the shirts are on back order but damn how long do i have to wait it’s been well over a month, no responce from customer service no e-mail back.It’s A bunch Of BULL, I will never order anything from this place again!

  • Shelora says:

    I need a customer service phone number, I would like to talk to somebody about my shirt

    • Alex says:

      Sorry – we don’t know their phone number – we just reviewed them because we liked their designs. Sorry to hear about the problems you have had with them.

  • Elaine says:

    I have the same problem as Shelora: I ordered my t-shirt a month ago and have not received it. The website says it’s on backorder. Okay, fine, but I have emailed customer service a bunch of times to try and figure out when it will be ready and I have received no response: I’ve been emailing for 2 weeks now!

    The products look amazing but they aren’t so amazing when you do not get the product you ordered.

  • jessica says:

    I ordered two shirts from their company in May. One of the shirts they sent me was the wrong shirt and I have been emailing them since May to try and figure out what I need to do to send it back…their company SUCKS. I have received NO response back. The only contact information I can find is email. They obviously don’t want to give a phone number out. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

  • Tania Aveling says:

    I’m afraid the same thing has happened to me…I’ve blown A$28 on a shirt that hasn’t arrived, and can’t get onto a real person via email. I am furious. I live in a small town in Western Australia where you either shop at Target or the old lady boutique on the high street, so when I found this store online I was really pleased. I ordered two t-shirts, and the one that has arrived is great, but these people either have very poor customer service skills or they’re just plain dishonest, I can’t track down a phone number for them, and calling within business hours is pretty tricky from Australia anyway. I wish I’d read this blog before ordering through their website. I’m thinking of pursuing the issue via Paypal – that’s the only thing I can think of to do.

  • jennathehulk says:

    i feel like such a dope for not researching this company before giving them my credit card information to charge. when you google them, their website comes up as a secure one, but i too bought a t-shirt that i haven’t received. i tracked my package via usps and after a week it said that my address “wasn’t a deliverable one” and so it got returned. but when i went to check my account on their website, it was the correct address! i’ve been emailing them night and day but of course no one has responded back, and after reading these similar reviews, i’m guessing i should stop holding my breath.


  • Sarah says:

    I’ve had the same experience with Loops & Pluto. I ordered two t-shirts in November and received one of them, but not the other. One was on backorder, but they currently have it for sale on their website with nothing about it being backordered now. They charged me for both and will not respond to my repeated emails. It’s been almost 3 months now. I would advise anyone not to order from this company. I’ll definitely be placing complaints wherever I can in order to spread the word.

  • Rebecca says:

    Same story. I was also ripped off by this awful company. Their website seems so legit but all they do is take your money and never send any product. I have been writing on their facebook wall, their twitter, their blogs, anything I can get my hands on to spread the word about these people. I advise anyone who sees this to do the same. Its outrageous to let them get away with this.

  • Craig Walters says:

    I love Loops & Pluto! I’ve bought from them over 10 times within the past 2 years and have gotten my shirts within 5 days of ordering. I find the complaints/hate mail on this blog very unusual. I’m definitely a fan of Loops & Pluto and their customer service.

  • steward says:

    Of course a positive comment bucks the trend. On review websites that have a positive article, negative comments are to be expected. On review websites that attack a positive poster with an ad hominem, positive comments are really unlikely to be found!

  • Roxanne says:

    Loops and Pluto SUCKS…they take your money and a fake “shipped” email that never shows up. They never respond to emails or phone calls….cute shirts if you just want to look at them online…big boo to loops and pluto

  • Brandon says:

    I am going to side with the opinion that Loops and Pluto blows! It’s all true, they take your money and don’t send the shirt. I am dedicating my time to add comments on any website or blog that says anything about this company. I call them everyday to leave hate voice mails as well. Find another website to purchase your shirts from. If you feel that this is a legitimate company, then you can refund my 25 bucks and you can have the shirt I ordered. I am thinking about coming up with my own Indie shirt that shows their logo in the toilet, with a note at the bottom that reads, ‘just takin a deuce.’