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My first ghetto blaster

By 25th January 2007April 11th, 2017One Comment

24 euros of longsleeved cotton greatness right there, designed for children of the 80’s. I had one these cassette players and I had completly forgotten about it until I saw this tee over at La Fraise, the French-shirt design site that I (we) love.

This site is now run by the German company Spreadshirt, having bought the company from founder Patrice, and is expanding its market reach by offering the site in multiple European languages.

One Comment

  • Stefan Maryniak says:

    I’m really loving the 80’s style coming back. I’ll be honest I was until recently one of those guys who never saw the 80’s as a big deal perhaps as I was born in them and so never really get to appreciate them first time around. However I’m really loving the t-shirt, that was my first ghetto blaster, as the music has not stopped since! Also great from the 80’s Thundercats, cartoons have not been made the same since, recently bought myself a vintage Thundercats bag….amazing!

    Take care