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Office Move: Part 1- Provost Street

By 4th September 2007August 3rd, 20182 Comments


The blog has been posted to in sporadic fits and bursts over the past month and for that I must hold my hands up and say mea culpa, but as some of you may already know, we have just moved into new offices on Provost Street (London), N1, and trust me, managing an office move is no small task (though relatively smooth compared to the story one of our embroiderers told us where, when they moved from their last place, their embroidery machine wouldn’t fit through the door so they had to demolish a wall!).

Our first day in the new Indigo Clothing ‘gaff’ was yesterday, Monday 3rd September, a date that has ominously been circled red on my calendar for over a month. I still can’t believe we actually made it! It has been an epic effort to get everything organised and to get the new office fitted out. The new space has that clich├ęd, loft-conversion look: stripped wood floors, exposed brick and exposed cable trunking and is so much cooler than the ageing Bucklersbury House, that has been our home in the City since we moved down from Cambridge.

So what have we changed in the new place? Well we have taken on much more space as we are expanding. We’ve opted for Hunter ceiling fans rather than air con., so we would consume less power (good for the environment, good for the bank account). We have 20:1 ADSL. We went for VOIP rather than using a PBX phone system and BT. We have opted for bigger sample storage space, a chunky IT/comms. cabinet and screen-printed posters sent via the States from Iso50 and The Small Stakes on the white painted walls. We have ten bonsai trees and have raided Ikea and Habitat for some neat fixtures and fittings. Apple AirTunes streams our music. A definite improvement.

If you don’t know the area, I have posted some photos on my Flickr and I’ll definitely be following up this post with more talk of the neighbourhood and photos of the inside of the new office. A big thank you goes out to all those who volunteered their time to help us move, especially Bill, Andy, John, Gary and his lad, and Dominic and his crew. So in case you don’t yet know it, our new address is:

Zeus House, 16-30 Provost Street, LONDON, N1 7NG, United Kingdom (Google Maps)

Provost Street Sign